understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, Beloved America, how great is Your Mission!

Oh, people of America, how great is the service which you have rendered and are still to render!

The Messengers have been promised that they should know who I am. I prefer, for the Service which I must render, that you know Me as the Goddess of Liberty. I am the One who gave Washington his wondrous Vision.

Then, do you wonder why My symbol rests in your harbor? Not by chance, I assure you.

Can you, for a moment, with Me feel what that has done for the World – My Symbol which stands in your harbor!

There is never a boat comes in or goes out of your harbor, that the Hearts of those on board do not feel what that means.

Think of it, oh, Beloved Ones of America! You have your problems, yet they are not a fragment in comparison to what is acting in Europe and the Orient today.

Do you not see and understand? I am sure most of the earnest Students do.

Oh, that all America might understand what this means; what this Understanding of the “Presence” and Its Mighty Call for the Freedom of America means.

Knowing what has threatened America from its inception, then do you wonder why Saint Germain has worked with such Love and Determination to protect America!

I asked Him never to mention My Part in this Activity, until the Cosmic Light began to render Its Service to the Earth. Then I too would render My Service to America.”


Goddess of Liberty

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