understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In Our great Love, and as many Others have said to the Students, We see the nearness of the Victory of so many of the “I AM” Students of America. I mean also the many who have not thought their Application was producing results.

Oh, if you could see the change in your own world around you, you would never think such a thing.

There is not one who has not made earnest Application in whom there is not a complete transformation in that one’s own world.

You know definitely the imperative need!

The only thing which can give you Freedom is harmony continuously maintained in your feeling. It is so easy – just one thing to do.

Then as you call the Power of your “Presence” forth into action, It will flow out like a mighty River.

Of course, It knows no resistance nor interference; and It will accomplish immediately that whereunto It is sent.

Remember, Beloved Ones, your attention held upon an objective of attainment is the Power, and releases the Currents of Energy from your “Presence” which flood out continuously through your attention, to the objective to accomplish its purpose.

Therefore, if you let your attention swing like a pendulum, how is the Energy going to find its objective?

It is as if you took your hand like this and you directed a force to a certain spot; but if your hands keep wavering around like that, how could it ever get there?

Just so with the power of your attention.”


Goddess of Light

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