understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In My Capacity I have been assisting governments into the height of their perfection. How did that come about? By this identical Law and Action of Energy.

Long, long, long before My Ascension I understood this Law; and that is why nothing could harm Me, until I was off guard.

It is why there is nothing of human creation that can harm you or limit you, unless you are off guard or refuse to make sufficient Application.

Beloved Ones, realize once and forever – every human being is compelled to make his own Application to his own final Victory.

There are times when you should have Assistance, when you can and do have Assistance; but when you call for Assistance, do not let down on your own Application.

We see among the Students today many who – because of the pull of the attention onto outer things – do not give themselves the needed time to make the Application which holds sustained Harmony about them, so that in their Call the “Presence” will send Its Power forth untouched in Its Purity and Perfection, to perform the Service which would be intense.

Why does the Messenger have such tremendous accomplishment in one mighty Decree today?

Because he no longer has the human accumulation. He no longer has inharmony in his feeling world to clothe the Energy as he calls It forth.

That is why It goes forth in Its own Purity whereunto It is sent.

You may – everyone – do the same thing.

You must realize the power of momentum, which means the continuous carrying of Power from your”Presence”.

It would be better if you did not gather It, than not to balance It by self-control in the human octave.

You must face the Law of Life, and I am prompting you!

When you call forth Power of the “Presence” in a greater volume, you must balance It in the physical octave by self-control in your feeling world;

and everyone can do it.”


Goddess of Light

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