understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mankind is no longer subject to the selfishness and destruction of groups or individuals. Will you not feel the power of your “Presence” to correct all such conditions?

Oh, I understand quite well, having been a part of many governments. I know quite well what is going on in your government today, and how things are trying to be imposed upon your people; but do not be dismayed at these conditions.

As you, a body of more than four hundred thousand Students, issue these Decrees, do you think for one moment that you cannot regulate the conditions, even in the requirements of the government?

***This Energy is Law! This Energy from your “Presence”, this Law called forth into action is Divine Justice. It will act to produce Divine Justice everywhere – even in your government!***

***Do not yield and waver an instant in your Decrees for Divine Justice in your government, for mankind and in your industries.***

***It shall reign in America!***

***And if you will stand with Us in your Call, I tell you, Divine Justice shall reign in your government!***

***Then if individuals in those positions do not render It, then those will be placed in their positions who will give Divine Justice to Her people.***

***Do not yield for one second to the present conditions which exist.***

***In some ways they are chaotic; but I tell you, the Power of Light shall reign in America!”***


Goddess of Light

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