understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Will you try to feel with Me for a few moments what it would mean to you to suddenly be fully conscious that every condition which has ever limited or bound you was suddenly released and dissolved; that you could go forth in the morning, making your Call to the “Presence”, and have your manifestation within a few hours or few days – whatever you call for.

Will you feel this just for a few moments and try to register it in your feeling world, as I pour forth the Energy to you?

I want to give you the Assistance, so you feel within your feeling world My Power of Victory and Consciousness.

The Light with which I enfold you within this great Globe of Light which the Divine Director has provided, is a Current of Energy flowing into you, into your feeling world; and that Energy I am giving to you!

It is yours, but It will act in you with My Power of Light.


May I repeat this to you so you may understand it fully?

This Light which I am giving to you is My Current of Energy charging into your feeling world. It is yours, but It acts with My Quality and Power of Light to produce Perfection for you.

Try to feel this deeply if your body is not as strong and healthy as you would like to have it.

This which I am giving you tonight, if you will give attention to It and feel It – accepting Its cleansing, purifying, healing Power into your bodies – will fill you with health as you call to your “Presence”.

Do not make a mistake about this. Do not just depend on this Energy which I am giving you.

I am giving It because you are making earnest, sincere Call to your “Mighty I AM Presence”. The Law would not permit it otherwise.

Therefore, do not just look to the Energy which I am giving; but make your earnest, sincere Application in the Call to your “Presence”.

Then this Energy will give you the Assistance that makes you the Victorious Presence quickly in your health, in your supply of money or whatever is required.”


Goddess of Light

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