understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It is so magnificent, Beloved Ones. These are not imaginary things!

Just because you have not seen some great manifestation in your own personal experience, please do not become discouraged and think your Application does not operate.

If you for any reason have not been able to call forth the full Power, just go right on with your Application.

I say to you tonight:  there is not a person sitting in this room who cannot call forth his “Mighty I AM Presence” with Infinite Power, to release anything your blessed Hearts desire which is constructive.

There is no question about it.

If you do not, it is either a lack of confidence within you, or something that is acting in your feeling world which is still requalifying this Energy as it goes forth.

Remember, when you begin to call forth the Light of your “Presence”, you are taking on certain responsibility.

If you will not give obedience or compel your human to give obedience – which is harmony in your feelings – then when you call forth a greater volume of energy, if there be disturbance in your feeling, your disturbance will take on a more intensified volume of activity because it is a greater quantity charged with that quality.

The choice is yours!”


Goddess of Light

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