the cross and circle

“The Brahmanical “Golden Egg”, from within which emerges Brahma, the creative deity, is the “circle with the Central Point” of Pythagoras, and its fitting symbol.

In the Secret Doctrine the concealed UNITY – whether representing PARABRAHMAN, or the “GREAT EXTREME” of Confucius, or the Deity concealed by [the Egyptian] PTAH, the Eternal Light, or again the Jewish AIN-SOPH, is always found to be symbolized by a circle or the “nought” (absolute No-Thing and Nothing, because it is infinite and the ALL);

while the god-manifested (by its works) is referred to as the diameter of that circle.

The symbolism of the underlying idea is thus made evident: the right line passing through the center of a circle has, in the geometrical sense, length, but neither breadth or thickness: it is an imaginary and feminine symbol, crossing eternity and made to rest on the plane of existence of the phenomenal world.

It is dimensional, whereas its circle is dimensionless, or, to use an algebraical term, it is the dimension of an equation.

Another way of symbolizing the idea is found in the Pythagorean sacred Decad which synthesizes, in the dual numeral Ten (the 1 and a circle or cipher), the absolute ALL manifesting itself in the WORD or generative Power of Creation.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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