the cross and circle

“Something of the divine and the mysterious has ever been ascribed, in the minds of the ancient philosophers, to the shape of the circle.

The old world, consistent in its symbolism with the pantheistic intuitions, uniting the visible and the invisible Infinitudes into one, represented Deity and its outward Veil alike – by a circle.

According to the Esoteric philosophy, this Deity is during its “nights” and its “days” (i.e., cycles of rest and activity) “the eternal perpetual motion”, “the EVER-BECOMING, as well as the universally present, and the ever Existing.”

The latter is the root-abstraction, the former – the only possible conception in human mind, if it disconnects this deity from any shape or form.

It is a perpetual, never-ceasing evolution, circling back in its incessant progress through aeons of duration into its original status – ABSOLUTE UNITY.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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