the cross and circle

“The idea of representing the hidden deity by the circumference of a Circle, and the Creative Power (male and female, or the Androgynous WORD) by the diameter across it, is one of the oldest symbols. It is upon this conception that every great Cosmogony was built.

With the old Aryans, the Egyptians, and the Chaldeans, it was complete, as it embraced the idea of the eternal and immovable Divine Thought in its absoluteness, separated entirely from the incipient stage of (the so-called) creation;

and comprised psychological and even spiritual evolution, and its mechanical work, or cosmogonical construction.

It has been repeatedly stated in this work that every religious and philosophical symbol had seven meanings attached to it, each pertaining to its legitimate plane of thought, i.e., either purely metaphysical or astronomical; psychic or physiological, etc., etc.

These seven meanings and their applications are hard enough to learn when taken by themselves;

but the interpretation and the right comprehension of them become tenfold more puzzling, when, instead of being correlated, or made to flow consecutively out of and to follow each other, each, or any one of these meanings is accepted as the one and sole explanation of the whole symbolical idea.

The Cross, say the Kabbalists, repeating the lesson of the Occultists, is one of the most ancient – nay, perhaps, the most ancient of symbols.

The Eastern Initiates show it coeval with the circle of Deific infinitude and the first differentiation of the Essence, the union of spirit and matter.

This was rejected, and the astronomical allegory alone was accepted and made to fit into cunningly imagined terrestrial events.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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