understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“These are simple and majestic Laws of Life which everyone of you can use if you will; but if you believe they are half Truth, you will have half results.

If you believe they are wholly True and accept that in your feelings, then you will understand and have the full Blessings for which you ask.

Beloved Ones, these Great Beings of Light are Those who know the Laws of Life; who have passed through human experience as you are doing, and know every detail of the requirement of every individual.

Today, Their Service being rendered to mankind, and especially America at this time, is the most wonderful thing ever known in the history of the Earth.

You, in the comfort of your homes, in the comfort of these large auditoriums are having brought to you the limitless Power of Light.

Why do you suppose that a Great Cosmic Being gave Me this name, “The Goddess of Light”? Because “I AM” the Victory of Light!

I had to release Myself from the condition which had been imposed upon Me.

Do not shudder when I say this lasted three hundred years, because I had maintained Life in that body and I could not pass through so-called death.

I had to remain in that body until I could release Myself!

Then My Ascension came!”


Goddess of Light

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