understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Out of the memories of the past I come to you, Beloved Children of the Light. In the preparation of the months just ahead, transformations in you and your world will take place.

Because of the Service which this Beloved Messenger rendered Me in a time past, the Law has so regulated it that now I may render a Service to the “I AM” Students, the Children of America.

I once knew what it meant to be set upon in an unguarded moment by that which you have come to know as the sinister force, which is but the destructive qualities of human creation.

Often those qualities are seized upon by individuals who have failed on the Pathway of Light, and they wield that force for destructive purposes.

I was one of the victims because of being off guard at the time.

Now notice this carefully, Beloved Ones, because it means everything in your future.

I had maintained Life in My body for more than five hundred years when this occurrence took place, but I thought I had won the Victory over the condition that then existed.

For nearly seventy years of that time, I had been on guard against the group of black magicians who were trying to catch Me off guard.

It was easy for Me to win the battle and govern the condition; but when I was too sure of Myself, not realizing that they had not accepted the Victory I had won, I unknowingly let down the guard.

There was a long period in which I lived in the condition that was imposed upon Me.

Then from your Beloved North America, one who lived in the civilization before this occurred came to Me in the Andes Mountains; and in a few weeks, again My Victory was complete.

My Ascension followed quickly, and no longer was I subject to the conditions of the physical world and its limitations.

Why am I explaining this to you tonight? So you may understand, Beloved Students, that never until your Ascension should you ever be off guard for one moment.

In the Acknowledgment of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, remember your Higher Mental Body is the Guard which you can call into action to stand Guard over you and your world forever.

Your Higher Mental Body never sleeps; never forgets; and when you have called It into action to stand Guard or do certain things for you, It will always do so and remain in Its Perfect Action, if your feeling remains harmonious so that the Power can flow through at any moment to render the Service.”


Goddess of Light

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