understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You are so privileged, Beloved Ones, to be the Carriers of the Light for this great incoming Perfection!

Beloved Ones, there is no service on Earth today so great! But I say to you and to all the Students:  be so sure of yourselves in your understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence” and in your understanding of the Explanation of this Chart.

I say to the individual Students, the Group Leaders, and the people who go forth carrying this Light to others:  please believe Me when I say there is nothing so important as this Understanding of the Law!

The Messenger has given you the correct worded Explanation of that Chart! Please follow it! Do not vary from it.

Then all will see that they have a foundation upon which to build their Structure of Perfection.

With the Violet Consuming Flame they have the most powerful means to dissolve and consume the old structure of imperfection.

In the so-called slums of your cities, you tear down the old buildings to put up newer ones, more beautiful ones, more comfortable ones.

So it is in correcting a structure of human creations. You must tear the old down – or, in other words, dissolve and consume it.

Then build your structure in the Ascended Masters’ Strength and Understanding of the “Presence”, for It is the only means by which you can have Perfection.”


Mary (Mother Of Jesus)

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