understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Many are being awakened and raised up to voice the truth in your government and in conditions of disturbance throughout the World. I say for your encouragement tonight, that there is a great awakening in the mass of mankind.

People are beginning to see the deception which has been practiced upon them by those who used what seemed to be a good means, to intrude something vicious.

Humanity is awakening, I tell you Dear Ones, to the great Truth of Life; and they will not be so easily deceived in the future!

These little “Save America Folders” which the blessed ones have sent forth, calling the attention of mankind to the need for the protection of America, are doing tremendous things.

Keep it up, I urge you!

Keep those folders going out everywhere you can to mankind, because individuals who cannot accept this deeper Understanding of Life concerning the “Presence”, will take hold and use this Law when it comes to the protection of their beloved Country – America.”


Mary (Mother Of Jesus)

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