on the myth of the “fallen angel”

“It was simply the law of Evolution that asserted itself; the progress of mental unfolding, differentiated from spirit, involved and entangled already with matter, into which it is irresistibility drawn.

Ideas, in their very nature and essence, as conceptions bearing relation to objects, whether true or imaginary, are opposed to absolute THOUGHT, that unknowable ALL of whose mysterious operations Herbert Spencer predicates that nothing can be said, but that it has “no kinship of nature with Evolution” – which it certainly has not.

The Secret Doctrine points out, as self-evident fact, that mankind, collectively and individually, is, with all manifested nature, the vehicle (a) of the breath of One Universal Principle, in its primal differentiation;

and (b) of the countless “breaths” proceeding from that ONE BREATH in its secondary and further differentiations, as Nature with its many mankinds proceeds downwards toward the planes that are ever increasing in materiality.

The primary Breath informs the higher Hierarchies; the secondary – the lower, on the constantly descending planes.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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