on the myth of the “fallen angel”

“As the old Magian books explain it, the whole event becomes clear.

A thing can only exists through its opposite – Hegel teaches us, and only a little philosophy and spirituality are needed to comprehend the origin of the later dogma, which is so truly satanic and infernal in its cold and cruel wickedness.

The Magians accounted for the origin of evil in their exoteric teachings this way. “Light can produce nothing but light, and can never be the origin of evil”;

how then was evil produced, since there was nothing co-equal or like the Light in its production?

Light, say they, produced several Beings, all of them spiritual, luminous, and powerful.

But a GREAT ONE (the “Great Asura”, Ahriman, Lucifer, etc., etc.) had an evil thought, contrary to the Light.


He doubted, and by that doubt he became dark.

This is a little nearer to the truth, but still wide of the mark.

There was no “EVIL thought” that originated the opposing Power, but simply THOUGHT per se; something which, being cogitative, and containing design and purpose, is therefore finite, and must thus find itself naturally in opposition to pure quiescence, the as natural state of absolute Spirituality and Perfection.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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