understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The proof is that throughout the centuries mankind who did not know this “Presence”, did not have a sustaining power.

They have advanced to a point and then lost it. They have risen to a certain height – and then again lose it.

In each embodiment of everyone, more or less progress is made; but, you see, there has been no understanding which sustained the gain.

There has been nothing to cause the individual, at the close of a span of life, to go out of life with such a firm desire for Perfection that it would be the compulsion of the next life.

Whenever such a desire was within the individual at the close of one span of life, then the powerful impulse of the next life brought about great Illumination of the mind.

***Today you are the manifestation, you are the example of what the power of the attention does when fixed upon your Source of Life, which is God – your “Mighty I AM Presence”.***

***At the time of My Son’s Ministry, We were taught this identical Application.***

***Jesus was taught It by the Great Divine Director. Then He taught John and Myself. ***


***This very Instruction enabled Us to soon follow Him in the Ascension.”***


Mary (The Mother Of Jesus)

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