understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, will you please feel how natural all of this Instruction is? You discuss each other! We discuss you! Of course, We always discuss you with the greatest Constructive Feeling, and you will all come to do the same thing.

We have great Patience, when We see the Infinite Patience of the great Cosmic Beings who govern Worlds and Planets and Systems. They wait for the activity within those Planets to come to a certain point where its complete Perfection can manifest.

Then why should We feel impatient when humanity does not always come up to the standard which it knows?

To know a thing in the intellect is one thing; and to know the same thing and sustain it in the feeling is quite another thing, as you have all discovered.

Yet the joy of it is the great, the wonderful Victory which you are winning constantly.

As the Great Himalaya said to you recently, your Victory is far greater than you realize; but that does not mean that you should ease up on your efforts – not at all.

We have watched the progress of mankind, including Ourselves before Our Attainment; and the force of human creation has been the same throughout the centuries.

There is no change, no difference in its activity or any quality less than Perfection, when it is acting. It is the same throughout nature, throughout mankind.

But once you come to the point where you are beginning to feel your Dominion and your Victory, oh, what a change in your world takes place!

Only by having your attention fixed upon the Supreme Giver of Life can this possibly come about and be sustained.

***You see, no one can have a sustaining power without knowing that he has an Individualized God Presence – the “Mighty I AM Presence”.***

***He must know where his own Focus of Perfection is.”***


Mary (The Mother of Jesus)

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