the seven creations

“The Seven Creations are found in almost every Purana. They are preceded by what Horace Hayman Wilson translates {in the Vishnu Purana} as “the indiscrete Principle” – absolute Spirit independent of any relation with objects of sense.

They are:  (1) the Universal Soul, Infinite Intellect, or Divine Mind; (2) elemental creation, the first differentiation of universal indiscrete Substance; (3) organic evolution.

“These three were the Prakrita creations, the developments of indiscrete nature preceded by indiscrete principle”;   (4) the fundamental creation of perceptible things, was that of inanimate bodies; (5) was that of animals; (6) that of divinities; (7) was that of man.

(How can “divinities” have been created after the animals? The esoteric meaning of the expression “animals” is the germs of all animal life including man.

Man is called is a sacrificial animal, and an animal that is that is the only one among animal creation who sacrifices to the gods.

Moreover, by the “sacred animals”, the twelve signs of the zodiac are often meant in the sacred texts, as already stated.)

This is the order given in the exoteric texts.

According to esoteric teaching there are seven primary, and seven secondary “creations”; the former being the Forces self-evolving from the one causeless FORCE;

the latter, showing the manifested universe emanating from the already differentiated divine elements.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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