understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Is there anyone here, Precious People, even of the former Students, who fully understands what his responsibility is?

When you come into the environment of other people with stimulants in your body, intoxicants of any kind – whether it be wine; whiskey; alcohol; or the other thing that is worse, gin – you are pouring out that radiation.

Now, mark you! that substance goes forth from you, from your body all the time, just like that (motion of hand). You do not see it, but it is there going out all the time.

When you begin to feed that out into other people’s worlds, then you are responsible for the desires which are set up in the other individual’s feeling world.

Do you wonder why the Messengers have pled with you and pled with all the Students throughout America, and told them the danger of that point?

You make yourselves responsible for the condition which you produce in others.

Oh, Beloved Ones, Life is so mathematically unerring and accurate. It is no respecter of persons, places, or conditions.

It acts with dynamic Power and It isn’t going to say to any one of you: “Now, you have been a nice little chap. Just run along and don’t mind.” Oh no! Or, “You have been a nice little girl; you can just have some more good times.”

Not at all! While It is not, yet if certain human beings understood the true activity of Life, they would call It a tyrant, because there is nothing that gets away.

It compels the answer to every cause sent out centuries ago. Sometimes a cause would drive back into the periphery of the feeling world of the individual, because it did not find a responding activity from the central activity for maybe another century, until it was again drawn forth;

but today it is a vastly different thing. Such discordant things are being compelled to dissolve and disappear from the Earth.”


The Great Tenor

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