understanding the “i am” that is you…

“Notice, we are getting down to brass tacks, as you say. Now notice! These are powerful things, Dear Ones; and once you get this in the feeling consciousness, you will never let go of it in the world.

That which is acting as a mass throughout Nature is far less powerful than the Intelligence of your “Presence” acting through you, is it not? Is there any comparison?

Then why do you not have the same result that the carrot and the radish do?

Because you are constantly interfering with each other. Do you not see that?

Your human desire to dictate to another person and tell him what to do, when and how to do it, is the thing that plays the havoc in the human world.

If you could be like the carrot and the radish, not wanting to interfere with each other, think how wonderful your life would be – filled with beauty, harmony, and Perfection.”


Serapis Bey

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