understanding the “i am” that is you…

“Look at your faces today. Even in six months you are new beings! The Light coming through your faces is twice or three times what it was six months ago.

Then it should be greatly encouraging to you, to know that your Application is not failing in any manner whatever.

That is why I say tonight, let Me help you. Let Me so charge into your feeling world, this night, such a Power and Feeling of your own Dominion, that never once again will there be any appearance in the outer world which holds your attention upon discord for a moment.

The moment you find it has rested on discord, take it off instantly and put it back upon the “Presence”, whose Power goes forth, dissolves and consumes any undesirable thing that stands before you in your pathway.

It will do it!

Oh, let us not yield any longer to discordant things of any kind! Remember that within all Life, everything is loving, kindly cooperation.

In all Life, in all Nature, does the apple tree interfere with the oak? Does the cherry tree interfere with the peach? Is there not a magnificent Law of Selection? Does the tomato interfere with the potato? Does the radish interfere with the carrot?

Then, the Selective Law – now mark you, this is tremendous, if you get the point – the Selective Intelligence which is acting throughout Nature is what is ordinarily termed a mass consciousness.

While it is directed largely by the Maha Chohan, yet it acts with definite precision. Why?

Because the carrot does not interfere with the radish. It does not try to. You know you are far more important than the radish and the carrot.”


Serapis Bey

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