understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Please accept it tonight, and let Me help you to feel it so definitely that the next time something tries to assert itself, you will say: “Oh, no you don’t! Once you were master. Now ‘I AM’!”

Notice – “Once you were master, but now ‘I AM’ Master!”

What do you think that does?

You are acknowledging instantly that the fullest Power of your “Mighty I AM Presence” has Dominion and is the health in your body. Show Me any human thing that can stand against It!

It does not make any difference whether it be the human qualification of cancer, tumor, or anything else.

What do you suppose any accumulation in the flesh structure of your body can do against the Power of that Light which can dissolve it like lightning?

Only because the human hugs it and says, “I am afraid I am going to let go of it.”

Do you know I am quite serious in that! Do you know that is what your feelings actually do? You want to get rid of a disturbing condition; but when you call forth the full Power of the “Presence” and It begins to hurt a little more, you say, “Oh, dear!”

Pardon Me if I remind you of these illustrations which We have seen manifest through humanity for hundreds of years.

Today I feel you are at a point where I can talk Heart to Heart with you, and cause you to see what your feelings are doing to you when they are ungoverned.

I want you to see what your feelings are doing.

How magnificent is it when many blessed ones have grasped this point, and with great determination right at first refused to yield any longer to the old human of holding it to you.”


Serapis Bey

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