understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to say just one more word about your finances.

Dear Ones, the Messengers should be a mighty example to you. They have never asked for a dime in their lives. Then, how is it that the release of what is required for the Work comes forth?

Because they do not put their attention upon the Beloved Students. Whenever there is a need, they go to their “Presence” instantly and say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, so much is needed here. See that it is supplied through the Power of Divine Love.”

Then the condition in the outer world come about so it is done.

If you beloved ones will go to your “Presence” first, for your money supply in any financial need, do you not see how the Wisdom and Power of the “Presence” called forth into action will produce the conditions which bring the release of he money you desire to use?

Do you see that it cannot fail?

Then, the greatest Wisdom, the greatest Power, the greatest Activity in the Universe is set into action to produce whatever money you require.

Oh, it has been a long time since I needed money; but I still have not forgotten how to produce it.

I want to tell you, Beloved Ones, once you have learned the Application of this Law – as if your very Life depended on It the next moment – you will always know that in the future It produces any result you call forth.

It is the same way with health in your body.

Now, do not feel I am being severe, but think! We shall take it general at first.

To think that any “I AM” Student – I mean the real ones, who have come to know their own “I AM Presence” – will longer yield to the power of discord to make them ill or feel pain in their bodies, is just too much for Me.

It is true, Beloved Ones.

You possibly do not quite know it yet, but in your “I AM Presence” you have absolute Dominion over those bodies.”


Serapis Bey

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