understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We, for many centuries, have called to Us from all parts of the World those who We felt were ready for their Freedom in the Light; but remember, even the Ascended Master, until the individual has reached a certain point in the Expansion of his Light, cannot tell what the human is going to do.

Now, this is the point I am coming to:   in those who were called to Us from all parts of the World, for a time their enthusiasm – notice this point carefully – their enthusiasm would be wonderful, their determination something wonderful.

But after a few weeks, the human within them began to rebel good and strong at the Obedience. Then, you would see their enthusiasm go down, and down, and down, and down.

Instead of a glowing smile, there would come that bedraggled look.

Sometimes, when I saw a little encouragement was permissible, I would tap them on the shoulder and say: “Oh, it is not so serious as it seems. Brace up! Come back into that old enthusiasm. Where do you suppose it went to? Be careful you don’t lose it! It is still within reach; hang on to it!”

Sometimes they would take hold immediately and come back. Those would always win the Victory; but when I tapped them on the back to give them the encouragement and that smile failed to appear, I knew the condition was dangerous.

Sometimes those would come back and sometimes they did not; and of all things! those Students would swear to you that I did not care whether they succeeded of failed – because in My Capacity I did not show to them My Feeling.

The most difficult thing in Our entire experience is to see the marks there for those who failed – perhaps only temporarily, but nevertheless they had to try again.

You think you meet difficulties; but, Precious Ones, not until the day you too stand in that same position will you realize what it means to Us.

The conditions of the outer world and the things you meet today are really nothing at all in comparison to that one condition.

To see a beloved, blessed one with not enough Strength or Light within him to win the Victory is sorrow indeed.

If there be sorrow in a perfected state, then that would be one place it would manifest.”


Serapis Bey

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