understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, I do not wish to make you over-conscious because of the need; but you are at a point when you can have your Freedom so quickly. I want you to have It! All the Ascended Masters, Saint Germain included, want you to have It.

I am a new element, so to speak, to have come into the scenery; and if We do not get some results, I am going to know why. Now, I mean business.

You Blessed Ones are not going to yield and begin to wobble around in these outer things after tonight. Do not do it!

You are going to brace up and take up your Dominion in the Power of your “Presence” and say to everything undesirable in your way: “You are finished, right now! Get out!”

Do not say that to your husbands and wives, but I am speaking about conditions.

Dear Ones, We do not become too serious, you know; and yet We must be firm.

You would hardly believe that with all My Firmness the greatest imaginable Happiness is within My Being; but in My Attainment, Beloved Ones, the Ascended Ones will quite agree that few ever went through such fierceness as I did.

My human was the most stubborn thing ever encountered. I hope you do not encounter that which I did. I know what it means when the human is so determined within the individual to have its own way; and I tell you, Dear People, do not yield to it for a single instant!

The more determined the human is, the more firm you must become in calling the Powers of the “Presence” into action to dissolve it.”


Serapis Bey

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