understanding the “i am”…that is you…

***”Today the opportunity is before humanity to call the Power into action which is Infinite Intelligence, which does solve all problems through the Power of Divine Love and Divine Justice which is permanent.***

***No accomplishment by force can ever be a permanent thing!***

***Today it is your opportunity and you have the ability to call forth this Infinite Power of Light to take command of America and Her people; to give Her Protection; to give Her people Protection, Liberty, and Freedom.***

Then there will come permanent Freedom and the release of all that everyone requires for use in the human octave, and in perfect balance to all.

This is what mankind has sought for thousands and thousands of years. They have sought something which would give the balance of all activities and qualities in mankind;

but no one can have it sustained without the Knowledge of this “Presence”, your “Mighty I AM”.

***There is no means of having it without that.”***


Serapis Bey

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