understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“All that is planned in Europe to sweep over your beloved Land would find an easy pathway to do it – but that sinister force has come to discover that within America there are those great souls who belong to Us;

who belong to the Light; and who are awakening to the Power of the Light within them, to the degree that they are making these Decrees.

They are making the Call which will one day completely annihilate every particle of humanly created destructive force.


***Remember, all that is destructive is but force in action. It is not intelligent because it has no sustaining power of its own.***

It is force released, Beloved People! That is why danger threatens you today, because it is wholly destructive force which is being released. It is sweeping Europe with devastation.

We who love you are trying to prevent that same activity in your beloved America, which has sought and fought only for Its Freedom.

***Do you wonder why it is possible for this to be done for America, instead of any other part of the World today?***

***Because it is the only spot on Earth where the great mass of people have sought Divine Justice, Freedom, and Liberty.***

***Just because there have been projected in your government or into your world of activity those individuals who are claws of the sinister force, does not warrant you in believing that you have not the Protection of the Infinite Power of Light – because the mass of your people in America want the Freedom and the Light.***

***It is only because agitators momentarily disturb the people by some false belief, that you have any marked distress in your Country today.***

***They agitate the people into believing that they can right conditions by human force, which has failed for thousands of centuries.”***


Serapis Bey

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