the moon, deus lunus, phoebe

“She is the Queen and she is the King, and was King Soma before she became transformed into Phoebe and the chaste Diana.

She is pre-eminently the deity of the Christians, through the Mosaic and Kabbalistic Jews, though the civilized world may have remained ignorant of the fact for long ages;

in fact, ever since the last initiated Father of the Church died, carrying with him into his grave the secrets of the pagan temples.

For the “Fathers” – such as Origen or Clement of Alexandria – the Moon was Jehovah’s living symbol: the giver of Life and the giver of Death, the disposer of being – in our World.


For, if Artemis was Luna in Heaven, and with the Romans, Diana on Earth, who presided over childbirth and life, with the Egyptians, she was Heqet (Hecate) in Hell, the goddess of Death, who ruled over magic and enchantments.

More than this:  as the personified moon, whose phenomena are triadic, Diana-Hecate-Luna is the three in one. For she is Diva triformis, tergemina, triceps [“Goddess three-formed, threefold at birth, three-headed”] – three heads on one neck, like Brahma-Vishnu-Siva.

Hence she is the prototype of our Trinity, which has not always been entirely male.

The number seven, so prominent in the Bible, so sacred in its seventh (Sabbath) day, came to the Jews from antiquity, deriving its origin from the fourfold number 7 contained in the 28 days of the lunar month, each septenary portion thereof being typified by one quarter of the moon.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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