the moon, deus lunus, phoebe

“This archaic symbol is the most poetical of all symbols, as also the most philosophical. The ancient Greeks brought it into prominence, and the modern poets have worn it threadbare.

The Queen of the Night, riding in the majesty of her peerless light in heaven, throwing all, even Hesperos, into darkness, and spreading her silver mantle over the whole sidereal world, has ever been a favorite theme with all the poets of Christendom, from Milton and Shakespeare down to the latest versifier.

But the refulgent lamp of night, with her suite of stars unnumbered, spoke only to the imagination of the profane.

Until lately, Religion and Science had nought to do with the beautiful mythos.

Yet, the cold chaste moon stands in closer relations to Earth than any other sidereal orb.

The Sun is the giver of life to the whole planetary system; The Moon is the giver of life to our globe; and the early races understood and knew it, even in their infancy.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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