understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear People, let us look these things square in the face. How do human limitations in the world come about?

By accepting into the feeling world a power of human creation greater than the Presence of Light.

Every human being without exception knows that he has within him the Presence of Life, does he not? But how very few people previously have given any particular thought to it!

They come into embodiment; accept a few ideas; go on in the ordinary manner; and after a while lose the body.

Then they get rested, come back, and try it again.

Isn’t that a ridiculous thing? Isn’t it?

Now that you have the opportunity of setting yourselves free from these conditions forever, is it not worth any effort which you can make?

Notice, Dear People, whether you believe it is really Me or the Messenger himself who is talking to you, will determine how much you are going to free yourself.

The Messengers are repeating My Words and I am standing right here by the Messenger, flashing these Words before him.

You probably do not see Me, but I could make Myself very tangible without being visible.

I want to say to you, Beloved Students, if you are going to be free you must dissolve the feeling within you that an Ascended Being is not tangible just because He or She is not visible to the physical sight.

We are just as tangible as you are; and if I chose I could stand forth in a minute here, in just as tangible a form as the Messenger is.

Of course, there are those who will say, “Well, why don’t you do it?”

I am sorry that you do not trust Our Wisdom, when it is the right time to do it.

Our Life, Our Law is Obedience to this very Law of Life which is beating your Hearts. We know it. We are willing to give complete Obedience. Are you?

That is the point!

When you are as willing to give as exact Obedience as We are, then you will be where We are. Do you not see that, Precious Ones?”



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