understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you, these individuals who have spread such vicious falsehood concerning the Messengers and the Work are filling their lives with tragedy, Dear People.  Make no mistake about it!

Oh, the Messengers or We are not concerned; but We are concerned about you, who sometimes unknowingly accept those things in your feeling world. It is you whom We are talking about.

We do not care anything about the vicious individuals. They will destroy themselves soon enough; but it is to protect you precious people, who unknowingly accept these things in your feeling which start disturbance.

Then the first thing you know, something happens in your world – a loss of finances, loss of health or something like that, and you wonder what in the world could have caused it.

It is because you have accepted this vicious gossip into your feeling either knowingly or unknowingly.

Dear Ones, do you not see? I am not condemning these vicious individuals. I am not even concerned about them; but it is the honest, sincere Student with which I am concerned. I want them to be strong and firm enough to repel all that kind of thing and keep it out of their feeling world forever.

It is true – if you understand the Law sufficiently, you can hear a thing without accepting it; you can look upon a thing without accepting it.

But the average individual does not. With the average individual, the moment you hear something tragic or destructive outside, you accept it into your feeling like that (motion of hand) because you are not on sufficient guard.

The Messengers today can look upon anything out there and stop it instantly from entering into his world. He is not an Ascended Being; therefore, if he can do it, so can you.

That is why tonight I am prompting you on these things which will mean your absolute Victory and Freedom, if you care to listen to Me.

That is why We want you to understand that the Messengers or We are not the slightest concerned what vicious individuals pour out;

but you blessed ones, unless you know how to guard yourselves, will accept it into your feeling world, and you will find some condition coming out of it that is disastrous to you.”



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