the days and nights of brahma

“Vamadeva Mudaliyar (Modely) describes the coming “night” most poetically. Though it is given in Isis Unveiled, it is worthy of repetition.


“Strange noises are heard, proceeding from every point…These are the precursors of the Night of Brahma; dusk rises at the horizon, and the Sun passes away behind the thirtieth degree of Makara (sign of the Zodiac), and will reach no more the sign of the Mina (zodiacal sign of Pisces, or fish).

The gurus of the pagodas appointed to watch the rasichakra (Zodiac), may now break their circle and instruments, for they are henceforth useless.

Gradually light pales, heat diminishes, uninhabited spots multiply on the earth, the air becomes more and more rarified; the springs of waters dry up, the great rivers see their waves exhausted, the ocean shows its sandy bottom and plants die.

Men and animals decrease in size daily. Life and motion lose their force, planets can hardly gravitate in space; they are extinguished one by one, like a lamp which the hand of the chokra (servant) neglects to replenish.

Surya (the Sun) flickers and goes out, matter falls into dissolution (pralaya), and Brahma merges back into Dyaus, the Unrevealed God, and, his task being accomplished, he falls asleep.

Another day is passed, night sets in and continues until the future dawn.

And now again he re-enters into the golden egg of His Thought, the germs of all that exist, as the divine Manu tells us.

During His peaceful rest, the animated beings, endowed with the principles of action, cease their functions, and all feeling (manas) becomes dormant.

When they are all absorbed in the SUPREME SOUL, this Soul of all the beings sleeps in complete repose till the day when it resumes its form, and awakes again from its primitive darkness.””


H. P. Blavatsky

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