the days and nights of brahma

“The final [or Maha-] PRALAYA is the Death of Kosmos, after which its Spirit rests in Nirvana, or in THAT for which there is neither Day of Night.

All the other Pralayas are periodical and follow, in regular succession, the Manvantaras, as the night follows the day of every human creature, animal, and plant.

The cycle of creation of the lives of the Kosmos is run down, the energy of the manifested “Word” having its growth, culmination and decrease, as have all things temporary, however long their duration.

The Creative Force is Eternal as Noumenon; as a phenomenal manifestation in its aspects, it has a beginning and must, therefore, have an end.

During that interval it has its periods of activity and its periods of rest. And these are the “Days and the Nights of Brahma.”

But Brahman, the Noumenon, never rests, as IT never changes and ever IS, though IT cannot be said to be anywhere.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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