understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“One day when We come and stand before you in the Visible, Tangible Body, and you have come to a point where We can release certain forces, We will present to you the record of those great Truths and why they are so.

Then you will know how great has been the Truth the Messengers have presented to you.

Remember now, Dear People – because there has been so much viciousness spread in your city, I want you to realize the importance of this!

If you do not protect yourselves, you will accept into your feeling world this destructive thing; and there is no one to blame but yourselves if you do.

We want you to be free; but if you listen to that kind of condition, you will have it in your world.

There are two points here I want to try and anchor firmly in your feeling world tonight, and they are:  you listen to conversation intellectually and you say, “Well, that may be true or not – I am not interested.”  That is often the feeling of the individual, but what do you think your feeling world around you is doing at the same time?

That is what you are not aware of.

If you are not in harmony with a thing completely and if a certain verbal suggestion comes to you – sometimes silently, but more often verbally – it causes a feeling to start within you of doubt or question.

You are not sure, but you say to the intellect, “Oh no, I will not accept that”; but your feeling is accepting it!

Hours or days after your intellect has said, “Oh no, I won’t accept that”, something comes up in your Life’s experience and you say, “I wonder if that could have been true?”

There is where your feeling has accepted it and started a momentum of destructive thought and feeling.

If it begins to revolve, it reaches the thought and the thought takes it up.

Then you have a conflagration on in your feeling.”



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