understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I prompt you, Dear People of Long Beach and elsewhere, until you will take your stand and throw out of your home or your world every individual who tries to spread viciousness there, you will remain in your limitations.

This Work and the Work of these Beloved Messengers is the most beautiful thing ever given to mankind, and the Messengers pour forth Love as few human beings can do.

If those vicious individuals would turn that same energy to a constructive purpose, they would have made their Ascension already, because they release dynamic feeling in anger and viciousness.

In every instance of that kind where individuals have become so vicious, it was because they could not drive in and become one of the staff of the Messengers.

That is the only reason their viciousness started to build.

So watch out, Dear People, it is your problem!

It cannot touch the Messengers or the Work; but it can disturb you, if you let it.

The Messengers have given you only Love and Truth and Light and Freedom.

Every human being – it does not make any difference who they are – who sends out viciousness and falsehood, will find it returning to them. It cannot go elsewhere.

That is the thing which, so far, many of mankind are refusing to see. They think they can go on putting out any kind of feeling and not reap the results.

Do not fool yourselves, Dear People!

The first fundamental Law of Life, mankind ignores completely. You cannot get away from reaping exactly what you send out!

No human being can avoid it. It is the Law of Life!

There are some who think they can, but they are kidding themselves.”



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