understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, Beloved Ones, what do the Ascended Beings or Cosmic Beings care about puny human opinions? It is the people who have those opinions who should care a great deal.

They should care, Dear Ones, because it is those vicious individuals who spread falsehoods and discourage mankind, ofttimes when they are on the eve of great success.

Vicious individuals go among the Students and mankind, and some of the Students are not strong enough to stand against their viciousness.

Dear People, as long as you admit silly, vicious gossip into your world, you will pay the penalty.

The Messengers have prompted the Students everywhere.

All who do that are vicious claws of the sinister force, holding you away from your Victory.

If you want to listen to that kind of thing, then you will remain right where you are – in your chains!

There has been a lot of viciousness spread through your city here. Oh, We all know about it! Those unfortunate individuals – God help them!

They sound their death knell when they do it. Because they have been going on for some time, they become more brazen and vicious.

Well, We do not mind; but they will!”



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