understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to try to make this all so practical to you. All of this is yourself! We are yourself – perhaps a little more advanced; but We are your Life, your Life right now this moment!

Think of it! Right this moment your Heart is beating, is it not? What is beating it? Life! The greatest Power and Intelligence in the Universe is beating your Heart right now and breathing your lungs.

Notice – that same Power of Life is Infinite in Its Power and Activity.

It is you who are limiting It by your attention upon the world of appearances, which are limitations. Do you not see that everything in the outer world of mankind is a human creation or limitation?

Take the most perfect things for use that you have in the outer world today. Let us step up, as it were, to the more advanced activity of things.

Take your aerial navigation. Your planes are wonderful today, are they not? They are real, but they are only a small portion of the Perfection which will come forth in your aerial navigation. We know that.

Now, you might say to Me, “Well, show me!” We will, but possibly not just yet.

However, all the Perfection mechanically that you have today is only the beginning of what may come forth, providing you will give obedience as Saint Germain has asked; for that is your Freedom, the only means by which It can come.

If you cannot and will not give obedience to the simple things He asks, how can you expect to have the great Perfection which He has pictured to you?

You will find that He makes no mistakes, in spite of the fact that there are few who thinks He does.”



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