understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This Energy which is waiting to release Its greater Power is always there.

You cannot have a physical body and not have your “Mighty I AM Presence” above you, or Its Energy limitless and ready to flow forth;

but you allow your attention to be so held upon the outer appearance world, that you forget your “Presence” and Its Energy.

I know even among the Students, with some very earnest ones, something suddenly flares before you and, my gracious, it is so apparent that you, for the moment, forget your “Presence”. Oh, it often occurs!

Yet, the moment something starts to appear before you, stop everything and say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take command! Stop that!

Then you have the action of alertness!

One must be alert, Beloved Ones, in your Application of this Law, because if you stop an appearance before it begins to gain a momentum in your Life, it is easy; it is not a struggle.

The Light never struggles!

Mankind do in their Application, because they think they must struggle.


Of course that is not necessary.”



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