understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I GREET you, Beloved Children of the Light, in the Name of your “Mighty I AM Presence”. Tonight I shall try to help you feel and understand your ability, your great power to become what We are today.

In the outer world of understanding and that which has previously come forth concerning Those who are acting under the Seven Rays of the Godhead – each Ray performing a certain Service – I wish you to understand that every Ascended Master, being wholly Perfect, is equal to any emergency and gives Service wherever it is required.

It does not matter what the particular activity is; the demand is the important thing.

I perceive that few yet understand what it means when they make the Call to their “Mighty I AM Presence”.

If for any reason you are not yet able to generate the full power and feeling, to bring the sufficient release of your own Energy from your own “Mighty I AM Presence”, ofttimes through the Higher Mental Body the Call comes to Us – shall I say, to Our Octave – for Assistance.

The One who receives your Call immediately projects a Current of Energy or Ray of Light and gives the Assistance required.

The “Mighty I AM Presence” is the Authority off the whole Universe. We all obey that Great Presence of Life!

As unascended beings, who are not yet sufficiently aware that you have all authority and power in the Acknowledgment of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, you need assistance, strength, encouragement, joy, and happiness.

All of those qualities go to make up the needed harmony within your feeling world, which stops the requalifying and reclothing of your Life with the qualities that are acting in your feeling world.

That is the only possible thing which causes limitations in the activity of mankind.

If you left It alone – now notice carefully – if you left this Stream of Energy alone as It flows in, beats your Heart, and then flows out into your world, It would naturally produce full and complete Perfection; but you do not do that.

You generate feelings for one reason or another of more or less discord, and this Energy flowing through is compelled to be clothed. It is just as if you wrapped around that Current of Energy the discord which is in your feeling.

It has to go out into your world, and of course produces conditions like the quality in which you clothe It.

Do you not see why the Messengers have pled and pled with you for the need of Harmony in your feelings?

Beloved Ones, I say to you with all firmness and kindness: you cannot go much further until you take the determined stand to completely govern your feelings;

for out of that comes Freedom for everything that is.”



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