grateful day loves…

Blessed Day Family Of Light… 😎

This Message Is Posted Out Of Love For  God’s Children…No Hate Intended Towards Anyone…Only Truth…Amen…Woman Bowing: Medium-Dark Skin Tone

Holding Kids In Fenced Cages…Fenced Cages…FENCED MF CAGES…Crying FaceCrying FaceCrying FaceCrying Face Where Oh Where…Is The Compassion Or Humanity In This?  When All It Takes Is A Signature For Them To Be Released?

Release Them! 

Or Maybe It Is More Of A Personal Issue  That’s Keeping Them There Eyes on Google Android 8.1Eyes on Google Android 8.1

Possibly, Even,  This Is A Precursor Of What’s To Come For Other People In This Country…Towards Anyone That Seems To Be Different From The Race Of People Who Invaded It…Long Ago…Since RACISM Is SO “EFFIN” Common In “THIS LAND OF MILK N HONEY”!

Now…The so-called  “powers that be”…Have The AUDACITY To Be Asking Others To Leave A Country That’s  Not Even Theirs…To Begin With! Face With Raised EyebrowFace With Raised EyebrowFace With Raised EyebrowFace With Raised Eyebrow

U Know What…If This Issue Is Not Resolved, N They Are Allowed To Continue This Horrific Treatment Towards Children…Then Who Do You Think  Will Be Next…And What Will Be The “Justification” For It???

N Where Is This Country Headed With This Kind Of Inhumane Treatment Towards Human Beings??? Thinking FaceThinking FaceThinking Face

WELP…THIS IS AMERICA…Pay Attention…Cuz It Will Never Be Great…Until We Eliminate…The HateDowncast Face With SweatDowncast Face With SweatDowncast Face With Sweat

Citizens Of America…Is This Is What We Have Allowed By GIVING OUR POWER AWAY? If So…Then We Need To Take It Back! Unamused Face

Yet, It’s Never Too Late, Tho, To Change The Course Of Action…For The Benefit Of All…Praise God 💜💜💜💜

The U.S. Citizens…Cry Out! 


👀👀 Do The Compassionate Thing For Once…In Your Administration…N Be Love 💜

Let Us All Show N Be Love 💜💜💜


mene, mene, tekel, parsin

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