understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, whenever you come to the point where anybody can say anything they please about you and you just smile and go right on about your business, then you are Free;

and the rest of the requirements will manifest so quickly.

As soon as the outer world of human creation sees it cannot jab you and get you irritated and disturbed, then it knows it is wasting its time and does not bother you anymore.

Did you ever see two children, one a great tease who goes around pinching and prodding the other to get him disturbed? That one goes on, and if he cannot get a response from the other, he does not do it anymore.

It is the same with human creation. When it sees it has lost its influence over you, it goes somewhere else; but when it starts going some place else, you say: “Violet Consuming Flame, seize it, so it cannot act somewhere else. Annihilate it!”

I want to tell you, Beloved Ones, you can call the “Presence” and then watch It.

You do not have to have Inner sight for this; but just mentally make the picture of the Violet Consuming Flame going out, as though It were in your hand, directed by your hand; and say: “Mighty Consuming Flame, seize that thing!”

It is just the same way with any condition in your world: “Mighty Consuming Flame, seize that thing! Dissolve and consume all impurities there!”

You can handle any condition in your body, oh, as easy as breathing. It has gotten in your hair too much – that is the reason you do not handle it.

Oh, do not mind if We use slang phrases; you will have to get used to them.

That is ofttimes the reason you can release a thing, because in the certain peculiar feeling which is stirred into action, you are able to let go of it like that.

Then it is finished.”


Morya El

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