the hidden deity, its symbols and glyphs

“In the words of the Zohar: “The Invisible Point, which has no limit and cannot be comprehended because of its purity and brightness, expanded from without, forming a brightness that served the Indivisible Point as a veil;

yet the latter also “could not be viewed in consequence of its immeasurable light. It too expanded from without, and this expansion was its garment.  Thus through a constant upheaving (motion) finally the world originated.”

The Spiritual substance sent forth by the Infinite Light is the first Sephirah or Shekhinah:
Sephirah exoterically contains all the other nine Sephiroth in her. Esoterically she contains but two, Chokhmah or Wisdom, “a masculine, active potency whose divine name is Yah”, and BINAH, a feminine passive potency, Intelligence, represented by the divine name Jehovah; which two potencies form, with Sephirah (the Crown, or KETER), the Jewish trinity.

These two Sephiroth called Father, Abba, and Mother, Amona, are the duad or the double-sexed logos from which issued the other seven Sephiroth.

The first Jewish triad (Sephirah, Ckokhmah, and Binah) is the Hindu Trimurti.

In both Secret Systems, the One Universal Essence is incomprehensible and inactive in its absoluteness, and can be connected with the building of the Universe only in an indirect way.

In both, the primeval male-female or androgynous Principle, and their ten and seven Emanations, with their Prajapatis and Sephiroth, represent in their totality, first of all the Archetypal man, the Proto-logos; and only in their secondary aspect do they become Cosmic Powers, and astronomical or sidereal bodies.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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