the hidden deity, its symbols and glyphs

“True Esoteric philosophy speaks neither of “creation” nor of “evolution” in the sense the exoteric religions do.  All these personified Powers are not evolutions from one another, but so many aspects of the one and sole manifestation of the ABSOLUTE all.

Ain-Soph cannot be the Creator or even the modeler of the Universe, nor can he be Aur (light). Therefore, Ain-Soph is also Darkness.

The immutably Infinite and the absolutely Boundless can neither will, think, nor act. To do this it has to become finite, and it does so, by its ray penetrating into the mundane egg -infinite space – and emanating from it as a finite god.

All this is left to the ray latent in the one.

When the period arrives, the absolute will expands naturally the force within it, according to the Law of which it is the inner and ultimate Essence.

When the active period has arrived, from within the eternal essence of Ain-Soph, comes forth Sephirah, the active Power, called the Primordial Point, and the Crown, Keter.

It is only through her that the “Unbounded Wisdom” could give a concrete form to the abstract Thought.

It is the first stage toward the solidification of spirit which through various modifications will produce earth.

When Sephirah emerges like an active power from within the latent Deity, she is female;


when she assumes the office of a creator, she becomes a male; hence, she is androgyne.

She is the “Father and Mother Aditi”, of the Hindu Cosmogony and of the Secret Doctrine.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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