understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Messengers have often said to you, if you would so prepare yourselves to answer every question from the Books, you could never be tripped up by the human.

They were not permitted to go on and say why; but I am saying it to you today, for you will save yourselves a lot of distress.

It is the sheerest nonsense for any human being to say to another, “Well, if you are applying this Law, why are you not having greater results?

Such a question is purely human, destructive resentment, nothing else! It might be a psychic projection, but still is the same thing.

Do you not see how you are completely released from the responsibility of anybody coming back at you, when you say, “These are the Ascended Masters’ Words.”

I want to tell you, it is a magnificent thing!

You have no idea of the freedom and release from human feelings it will give you if you will do this. Oh, you have no idea, My Dear People, how this human, destructive thing in the World is rapidly being compelled to let go.

Do not think it does not want to hold on; but if you could see the great, great quantity of human creation which has been completely dissolved and consumed in the Violet Consuming Flame, your joy would be boundless.”


Morya El

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