understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“(Silence) The remainder of the day and tomorrow, will you try to remind yourself of this once each hour, that the Great Ones may be enabled to give you the Consciousness of your Freedom in every way? We want you to be such a powerful Focus of this Light that you can give a clear, marvelous explanation of this Teaching.

You do not know this yet, but before long you are going to find a flood of people coming into this Instruction.

It will need every one of you with a clear understanding of this explanation of the “I AM Presence” and what the Work is. Be sure you answer all the questions from the Books or the Magazines.

Dear Ones, when you can say to the world, “Now this is the Answer of the Ascended Masters to these things”, you will find the people will not be so inclined to question you, as if they think you yourself are giving the answer.

You have no idea what it means as this Work expands.

There are a lot of people who are argumentative; and when you say, “These are the Ascended Masters’ Words”, and they say, “How do I know it is true?” – you can simply answer:  “You can believe it or not. The Ascended Masters are the only Authority because They are Free Beings, wholly Perfect.”

Then the people cannot come back to you and say, “Well, why haven’t you manifested this yet?”

Do you not see the idea?  Hundreds of people have said to the Students, “Well, if this Light is what you say It is, why are you not outpicturing It?”

Tell them it is none of their business! It is none of their business what you are outpicturing. How much do they know about what is in your Life Stream, which has to be cleared out?

When you give that answer to people, you will clinch it! Then they cannot come back to you and say, “Why are you not outpicturing the action of this Law more?”

That is the disturbing action which wants to get you down. It has no power!”


Morya El

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