understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It might be that the Higher Mental Body of many of you will want to keep you as a Focus of Light and Power in the industrial and business world, so It can pour Its Power forth there to harmonize things in the business world and bring Divine Order and Divine Justice.

Of course, you catapult It forth by your mighty Decrees in the mental and feeling world of mankind;  but many times there must be a Focus for the Light – a human form in the locality – in order to hold the Power there long enough to establish a permanent accomplishment.

This is a point I want to make clear to you, especially in the city of New York:   you are becoming a mighty Focus of Light here. Once your city was the greatest focus of intrigue in America. Now it is about fifty-fifty with Washington, D.C. That is not surprising. You never saw a capital of any country in the World which was not a focus of all the intrigue imaginable.

Now you have come to know this, do you not see how the Call from the “I AM” Students here can change the condition of the city?  

In the great number of Students, which is small in comparison with the population, but great in comparison with the short period of time, think what five hundred thousand Students could do in focusing their mighty Decrees into your city, into Washington, D.C., to charge into the mental and feeling world of the people there – like dynamite in action – a mighty, powerful Constructive Power for Divine Justice and Divine Order.

Well, is there anything greater in the world which can bring permanent adjustment of all conditions?

You need not have Me tell you that all civilizations of the World have failed because there was no one in them to call the attention of the people to this Great Presence of all Life, the “Mighty I AM”.

Mankind is lost without It!

Let any one of you today stop this hour thinking of or giving any further attention to your “Mighty I AM Presence”, and see where you would be inside of three months.

If you have the courage to test it out, you will see it plain enough.”


Morya El

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