understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In every problem, whether it be your health, finances, or whatever it may be, please try to do the same thing and see if it will not give you complete release.

If it be your health, say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, this is your body! I call on the Law of Forgiveness for all the mistakes I have made, and for getting into this condition. I want to fulfill the Law! This is your body! You take command of it and make it Perfect.”

Dear Hearts, do you think there is anything in the world that could stand between you and your health if you do that? In doing this you have given all power unto the “Presence”, which is all Health.

Its Ray of Light and Energy is beating your Heart! Then how in the world can you fail to accept Its Health?

The same way with your pocketbook: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, here I am for service!”   Whether you want to give a particular Service to the Light or in the business world, you are still serving the Light if it be constructive and it is not harming anyone.

This is the one thing I hope I can get clear to you, Dear Ones:   The outer world requires tremendous service yet in industry and business activities. You cannot all leave the business activity to go into the Service of the Light, because you still need material food as yet.

So, let the Power of Wisdom just raise you into the next step; the next; and on and on. Do not humanly try to go ahead and do that.

Just say:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, here ‘I AM’. ‘I AM’ ready, ‘I AM’ willing! Send me forth and cause me to do the perfect thing that you wish me to do every moment.”

Then you will just step right on and on and on, into the Perfect Activity of the moment.

That is what is needed today.”


Morya El

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