understanding the “i am”…that is is you…

“Beloved Ones, to see unhappy individuals who try to spread discord among humanity is the most pitiful thing in all the whole World that We are compelled to look upon.

Those individuals do not understand that their viciousness is their own destruction. All reason is gone, because they have become so enmeshed in their viciousness. They think only of destruction and feel only that.

The pity is that they must meet and reap it all, but it cannot affect blessed mankind! It does not!

A few individuals who might be temporarily disturbed, soon right themselves and go on in the Light.

Dear People, it is not a matter of human personalities.  It is not a matter of individualities.  It is not a matter of the requirement of human conditions;

but the Light has said, “I shall take command of My own!”

Look at your bodies! Look at this floor upon which you move! Look upon the Earth upon which these buildings rest! All belongs to God! All belongs to that Light!

Mankind are custodians of certain substance, certain activity, certain requirements.  If they do not fulfill their trust and responsibility, no law in Heaven or Earth can prevent their reaping the consequences of the misuse of that Life and Energy which flows through them!

You are not responsible for anything else, except what flows through you.

Do you realize, Beloved Ones, what is in this Light which flows through your human form? I am speaking now without your Call. That Life contains all good things.

Then, to think that the ignorance and unwilling obedience of mankind is permitted to go on and on and on so long;  imposing discord upon that Perfect Light which would, of Its own Volition, make them Perfect and hold in the body beauty of form and Its Perfection.

Yet, because of unwilling obedience, they do not have It.

When We look into the faces of the beloved Students of the “I AM” who have come under Saint Germain’s Radiation, We see such a transformation in those bodies, in those faces, in the atmosphere of their feeling world around them, that words fail utterly to convey to you Our Rejoicing at your Victory.”



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