understanding the “i am”…that is is you…

“Now, Beloved Ones, rejoice with Me;  for I tell you that through certain mighty air currents, this tremendous Understanding is reaching into India with a speed that is astonishing!

You do not quite understand that here as they do in India. There are hundreds of thousands of people in India today who understand how to use those air currents and how to contact them, and they are doing it.

When the Great Himalaya in your city – I believe it was in Pasadena – gave His Mighty Dictation, from that hour to this these Currents of Energy from this Work have gone forth, to India particularly. That is why I am here today.

I say these things to you so you may realize, Beloved Ones, that it is not just your immediate environment that is being blessed by your Call to the “Presence”; but your Call is releasing Its far-reaching Powers.

You have been told a number of times that It is reaching into the mental and feeling world of mankind, but do you realize how far? Do you realize it is the most natural, magnificent thing in the World?

All is the Presence and Activity of your Life. You are a part of the One Great Life. True, you are individualized; but still you are a part of that One Great Life.

And to the degree that you keep harmonious, do you bless and add to the Freedom of the World. To the degree that you are out of harmony, do you add to the down pull of mankind into greater chains.”



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