understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have often been prompted and told what the expression of the Words “I AM” means, and how it is the release of Infinite Power at your point in the Universe.

I remind you today that your “Mighty I AM Presence” is Light. When you call the Power of Light, which is Life, into action, then you have entered into the Greatest Stream of Purifying, Perfecting Activity in the Universe.

How can mankind expect to be freed from its discord without this great Light?

You will pardon Me for this crude expression:   If you were to find a pond in which much of the water was out, and you walked through that and became covered with mud, would you feel clean?

In the mass of human creation and that which you know as the psychic world – which is the same as the astral world – you begin to understand how mankind is moving through a mass of very unhappy creation.

If you do not understand how to call the “Presence” to hold Its Invincible Tube of Light about you, then it is very much like walking through that pond, and your garments will become bedraggled. Do you not see it?

In mankind’s activities there are certain conditions which must be fulfilled. Saint Germain and the Messengers, with infinite patience, have pled and pled with mankind and told them the necessity – the need of the hour.

I rejoice so tremendously today. While there is still room for more, yet the improvement has been so great, that I want you to feel great encouragement, every one of you.

If you have slipped once in a while, then take a firmer hold and go on. Call on the Law of Forgiveness and do not look back. Oh do not ever look back!

You all know of the lady who took on too much solidity by looking back. So, let us not be caught in that place.”



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